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Applied Fluid Mechanics in the Power Engineering Field
New challenges in the field of high voltage testing
Tehnologii moderne in exploatarea retelelor electrice
Stabilirea direcţiilor strategice şi a obiectivelor prioritare ale activităţilor de cercetare-dezvoltare şi inovare în domeniul energetic în perioada 2016 - 2020



 Abstract Submission Guidelines

General Information

The Abstract Paper can be submitted by e-mail to the address:

A large emphasis is put on the abstracts and its contents as it forms the bases to accept or decline a paper. In submitting the abstract, the author(s) needs to specify that the abstract is submitted for consideration to the CIEM2015 Conference as part of the sections below:
- Renewables Energies
- Energy Efficiency
- Power Systems & Smart Grids
- Fossil Fuels Clean Technologies
- Environmental Impact
- Fluid Mechanics and Applications
- Hydro-Power Engineering
- Nuclear-Power Engineering
- Power Systems

Structural Guidelines

The suggested structural guidelines for abstracts are:

1. Title: The title should be short, however, reflective to the paper contents and objectives. Titles need not be too descriptive nor be very specific.

2. Introduction and Purpose: A paragraph introducing the topic, and highlighting its importance. The introduction may summarize the previous research or related experience (Literature search). The introduction should end with a clear statement of the objective or research question of the paper or presentation. A statement such as “In this paper/presentation we introduce a model for …”, or “In this paper/presentation we report on our experience in …”, etc.
3. Methodology: A paragraph describing the approach/methodology used to achieve the paper objectives. This may include, model, analysis, survey, experience, interviews, etc.
4. Findings: A paragraph summarizing the findings resulting from applying the methodology or approach. Statements such as “We achieve xx% reduction in …” is suitable.
5. Closing: A paragraph or statement stating the relevance, contribution and benefits of the paper or presentation to the conference theme, related subthemes (Topics) and conference attendees. Recommended actions, extensions, expansions of the study, etc. may be included in this paragraph.
NB: The length of the abstract should not exceed 2 pages. (Maximum of 3000 characters).

Criteria for Evaluating an Abstract

Criteria for evaluating an abstract and its suitability to the conference include:
1. Relevance to the conference topics and/or conference theme (value of the paper to the conference attendees)
2. Contribution to the field of Technology, Innovation and Management
3. The research methodology or approach followed
4. The findings, results or outcome of the research/application
5. Abstract structure
6. Proper use of the English language

Important Dates

30 June 2015

Abstract Submission Deadline

15 July 2015

Notification of Acceptance

1 October 2015

Final paper submission and registration

22-23 October 2015

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